The perfect 10-days California road-trip itinerary

Big Sur, California

Do you want to explore California and all its beauty in 10 days? Don’t worry! With this itinerary you will make the most out of your time. In addition you will see more of California than most of the locals!

6 US-Travel ideas for 2019

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2018 has been a travel intense year and I can’t recommend the destinations we visited enough. 2019 will be exciting again, including some upcoming solo trips I am pretty happy about. Check out this list for some inspiration!

My Favorite Things to do in Chicago

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Chicago is one of the most exciting towns in the United States – and that is not just my opinion 🙂 Often I get asked about my favorite things to do, my favorite restaurants, bars and places to visit. As I am a fan of free travel guides to downloads I put all my highlights on a one-pager which you can download here. If you are more a person who wants to be convinced with pictures keep on reading. Enjoy the beauty of Chicago and send me a message when you are visiting!

How to enjoy a cross-country road-trip

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Just recently we mastered a 7.000km (4.400 miles) road trip through the United States. Only the two of us and the endless plains of the American Highway. That means you are driving for hours without leaving the highway which route you can see for miles and miles. However: We are still happily married and even enjoyed that means of transportation. We got asked many times whether this distance in such a short time was not stressful. As we, on the other hand, have found it quite relaxing and enjoyable I decided to share my top proven tricks with you to make each longer road-trip to a fantastic journey.

The value of vacation around the globe

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What does going on vacation mean to you? If you are coming from a different part of the world than me we most likely have different opinions on that topic. In this blog post, I will drill a bit deeper into the different value of vacation in different parts of the world.

Hawaii (Big Island) in one week

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If you want to experience the beach, rainforest, and snow at one place you should head to Hawaii, Big Island. Check out my travel guide for 1-week vacation on Big Island, Hawaii.

Daytrips / Weekend Trips from Chicago

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Want to escape the city for a short break? I reveal my TOP 7 places to go when you are in need of some nature, fresh air, small-town charm or art.

All the gear you need for your backpacking adventure

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If you are new to backpacking all the potential gear to buy can be a bit overwhelming. I did my own research before starting my first solo travel. Most items have been really helpful, some are not to miss and others are an unnecessary luxury. In this blog post, I will give you an overview of the key essential items for a convenient experience when traveling alone or with friends and family. I would definitely take all these items with me on my next adventure!

Detroit –Apocalyptic vibe meets raw urban lifestyle


Detroit – Apocalyptic vibe meets raw urban lifestyle Have you been to Detroit? I realized Thanksgiving is a huge thing here and maybe similar to Christmas for us in Europe. Everybody is coming from far away to spend some quality time together with great food. As a German Expat, Thanksgiving is not a family event […]

Solo Travel: How to pick your next destination?


SOLO TRAVEL: HOW TO PICK YOUR NEXT DESTINATION? Dreaming about solo travel? When you think about where to go there are so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. Looking back to my solo trip, the selection of countries I visited perfectly matched my interests.  Also,  it was also very important in what order […]

Why everyone should travel alone at least once


Solotravel? Are you crazy? That was the reaction of my family. This did not stop me and I am so thankful for that. I was in the lucky position to travel around the world for 2 months on my own and it was one the greatest experiences in my life. In this blog post I […]