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What is co-active coaching?

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Professional coaching is a great way to gain new direction in times of turmoil, but it is also a great tool to gain new insights on how to achieve your ambitious plans. 

Co-active coaching is all about establishing a collaborative relationship between the coach and the client. It is the goal of the coach to empower the client to find their OWN answers. It’s about exploring options and creating awareness of underlying obstacles rather than rushing to a quick solution which is more practized in consulting. 

The foundation of co-active coaching is an open and collaborative conversation. 

The beauty of coaching understands that you as the client are already resourceful and that you need a tool to uncover the information that is already there but that is blocked. 

Co-active coaching encourages transformation as long as it is along with your values and has an empowering effect. 

Most importantly: Coaching is not about "fixing" you, but it's about helping you to discover and develop your true self.

Expat Coaching

For whom?

  • Expat Partners who struggle with their new identity
  • Expat Partner who struggle with figuring what they want and hope to spend their time abroad

How coaching helps:

  • Explore different options of shaping a new identity
  • Identifying values and reassessing life goals
  • Mirroring thoughts and acting as a sounding board
  • Gain new direction for your life abroad

Cultural Coaching

For whom?

  • Women who moved abroad & struggle with the new culture
  • Women who are planning to move abroad and want to prepare themselves

How coaching helps:

  • Learn the difference between observing and judging and raise awareness of your own behavior
  • Set up a new network
  • Develop coping strategies for difficult situation
  • Gain awareness of underlying beliefs

Job Search Coaching

For whom?

  • Women who are in transition or want to change jobs
  • Women who want to get back in the game after spending time abroad or with the family

How coaching helps:

  • Assessment of current skillset
  • Preparation of strong elevator pitches and competitive communication
  • Defining of new direction in life & set your career goals
  • Preparation of a concrete action plan for the next steps ahead

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