Expat Partner Coaching Program: Discovering Your Identity and Goals Abroad

Expat Partner Coaching & Consulting

Embarking on an expatriation journey as a partner is a unique adventure filled with opportunities and challenges. It’s not just about relocating; it’s about rediscovering yourself and redefining your life’s direction. I’m here to guide you through this transformative process with a personalized coaching program designed for expat partners like you.

About the Expat Partner Program

This five-session program is tailored to empower you to reconnect with your identity, clarify your goals, and navigate the complexities of expatriation with confidence. Whether you’re about to move, have recently relocated, or are looking to redefine your time abroad, this journey is for you.

Coaching Session breakdown

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Discovering your story and goals

Dive into your unique challenges, understand the impact of culture shock, and explore shifting partnership roles. Whether pre-move or already abroad, gain clarity on your path.

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Defining your time abroad

What do you want to achieve? Let’s set a meaningful motto for your expatriation, using insightful exercises to visualize your potential and empower decision-making.

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Visualization of success

Engage in powerful visualization exercises to see your future success and pave the way for achieving your goals.

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Tailored coaching

Receive personalized coaching focused on your current needs, making adjustments to ensure you’re on the right path.

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The check-in call

Two months later, we’ll have a session to check your progress, with the option to extend our journey together if you wish.

What Sets This Program Apart?

  • Personalized Support: Between sessions, engage in „shift projects“ to keep momentum and build an „ideas bank“ for potential activities or career steps.

  • Professional Expertise: As an expat partner myself, I’ve lived this journey. Certified as a coach in 2019 and a career coach in 2024, I bring seven years of experience to guide you effectively.

  • Affordable Investment: Understanding the importance of accessible support during your expatriation journey, this comprehensive program is thoughtfully priced at EUR 470. It’s an investment in yourself, ensuring that you have the professional guidance and personalized support needed to navigate this transformative phase of your life.

  • Expat Partner Coaching: This program is tailored to the needs and challenges of expats and expat partners, taking into consideration the complexity of moving countries and living abroad. 

“I called for Kate for a coaching session just before our move back to Germany after 10 years in France. It was a real joker! I very much appreciated the immense capacity to listen and to support on the basis of my reflective development. This very special openness combined with a large amount of empathy made that I felt very well accompanied and in confidence during the whole time. After 3 individual coaching sessions that we arranged over a period of around 3 months I will join a Mastermind Group to continue my reflection and share my projects and my experience with others. I am very happy to stay in touch with Kate as well. Thank you very much, you do such great work here. I am so happy to have met you and I wish so many others to  get to know you as well.” Kerstin Schweizer Laurentin

Your First Step: Book a Complimentary 30-Minute Call

Diving into a coaching journey is a significant step, and it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable with your choice. That’s why I offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory call for anyone considering the „Expat Identity Empowerment Journey.“

During this call, we’ll explore your current situation, discuss your aspirations for the program, and answer any questions you might have. It’s an opportunity for us to connect on a personal level, ensuring that this program aligns with your needs and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching the right approach for me?

Coaching rests on the concept that you already possess the necessary insights and abilities to achieve your goals, though these may not always be readily apparent. If you’re encountering subconscious barriers that impede clear decision-making, much like the highly skilled and knowledgeable women I’ve assisted, my coaching could be beneficial. My method is practical and grounded, incorporating a holistic yet straightforward coaching style, complemented by strategic consulting when needed. With expertise in career consulting and global mobility, I tailor my approach to each client’s unique circumstances. Far from esoteric, my techniques are designed to clarify and illuminate your path forward, offering a structured program that guides you to a new beginning. If a clear, actionable plan to unlock and utilize your inner potential appeals to you, this program is poised to provide the support you need.

Are you a match for expat (partner) coaching?

This program is designed for a diverse group of individuals navigating significant life transitions. It’s ideal for corporate expat partners adjusting to life abroad and facing questions of identity or individuals who’ve moved countries for love pondering the future of their careers. Additionally, it supports those managing the challenges of repatriation. Common among my clients is the experience of living a global life and a desire to focus on personal or professional endeavors. Whether you’re aiming to jumpstart your career after a hiatus or questioning if your current professional path aligns with your life, this program offers the guidance and support needed to explore and affirm your direction.

Should I sign up for coaching even if I do not know where I will be in 6 months?​

Yes, absolutely. The uncertainty of your location in the next six months is a common scenario among my clients and shouldn’t deter you from considering coaching. The question of ‚what’s next‘ often leads to a state of decision paralysis, especially with the prospect of another move on the horizon. This uncertainty can inadvertently become a reason to delay focusing on your own career and personal projects.We can discuss scheduling in our discovery call. 

Are coaching sessions online?

Yes, all sessions are conducted via zoom and we use a membership area on my website and google drive for further resources and reflection sheets. 


My native language is German, which allows me the flexibility to conduct sessions in either German or English, depending on the client’s preference.


My qualification is not only based on my own experience as an Expat Partner and the resulting challenges. During my time in the United States, I graduated as a certified coach at the International Coach Academy. This institution trains coaches around the globe with a very extensive program. In 18 months, I was able to learn with coaches and colleagues from all over the world. Since my graduation I have regularly coached clients with different cultural backgrounds. In 2024, I added another training and got qualified as a career coach at Firework (UK). 

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