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Over the last couple of years I have created tons of resources to help you plan a career after taking a break, packing a career in a suitcase for an international move, dealing with the challenges of an identity crisis when suddenly feeling stuck in the expat partner role or creating convincing application documents for your next dream job, 

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    Once a year I do a deep dive into a topic regarding global female career planning. Here is what I have covered over the last two years: 

    Study 2022

    Re-entering the workforce after a longer break

    A career break is tricky to cope with for many women around the globe. Re-entering the workforce after taking some time to raise children, move countries, or take a mental break is a long journey that also includes rediscovering your self-worth.

    In this new research project, I am shedding light on the stories of women who did re-enter the workforce and are sharing their personal strategies to land their dream job with a rather non-linear CV. 

    Study 2021

    Female breadwinners breaking through the global glass ceiling

    I interviewed 30 amazing women working abroad and gained valuable insights into:

    • The real trigger to move abroad
    • The struggle to have it all: A successful career and a family
    • The confident handling of opinions of others
    • The additional pressure as a woman in global mobility
    • The career drivers of globally-minded women
    • The 4 types of the Female Expat