CV & LinkedIn Lab

Create competitive yet authentic CV and LinkedIn profiles for global or non-linear career paths

Working on your CV and LinkedIn profile for the application process is no fun! We often tend to procrastinate and struggle to find the right wording that really matches our story. We tend to doubt our competencies or worry about non-linear elements in our career paths.

In my coaching practice, working on the application papers is often the very last step of the coaching journey. Only when the client has a crystal clear vision of their future professional direction we turn to the consulting part meaning working on the resume/CV.

In case you are one step ahead and ready to work on your papers right from the start the CV lab is perfect for you!

Ich biete alle Coachings auf Englisch oder Deutsch an! Teile mir in deiner Anfrage einfach deine Präferenz mit.

What to expect

2 Live Sessions

In a 1:1 setting I give you insights on the essential parts of a modern & convincing CV and LinkedIn Profile. We discuss your individual situation and challenges to create an authentic yet competitive appearance.

3 Feedback Loops

In between sessions there will be three detailed feedback loops via email / video feedback

Access modern templates

You have access to my library of modern and easy to adopt templates

On average, recruiters take 6 seconds to assess whether your application is worthwhile reading.
How compelling is your CV right now?

What's included

Package Price EUR 240*

*price valid until end of May 2024. Starting June 1st, the price will increase to EUR 270

Client Success Stories

"After a 10 year career break, I was daunted by the prospect of dusting off my CV. How do I explain the gap? I didn’t do anything in that time. These, and others, were questions going through my mind when I remembered Kate offers a CV Lab. I didn’t hesitate and signed up just before the summer with the idea: what’s done, is done. I couldn’t be happier for the work with Kate. She constructively gives positive feedback, identified my strengths, helped fill the “gap” and how to own it. The elevator pitch and LinkedIn work are equally as encouraging and helpful. I strongly recommend this for anyone uncertain about their CV, stuck in a rut. I feel energized and positive going forward."
Alexandra Schmid Maygnan
Virtual Assistant
"I decided to do the CV Lab with Kate because I didn't feel 100% comfortable with my resume. However, I couldn't pin it down to anything concrete. Through the tips, the guidance and especially the great feedback from Kate, I now have my CV and LinkedIn profile that I can stand by 100% and that show who I am. This makes it much easier for me to present myself to the outside world and increases my self-confidence."
Viktoria Wendland
Automotive Industry
"I have been living abroad for several years, have done a lot of volunteer work during that time and have reoriented myself professionally in the meantime with a self-study. Now I would like to gain a professional foothold with the new qualification. Adjusting my now not so straightforward CV seemed difficult and I didn't really know how to approach it. Kate's CV Lab helped me a lot to work on my CV in a structured way and with new approaches according to my new professional task and to formulate it in a meaningful way. With empathy and a lot of understanding on her part for my current situation, we highlighted my current qualifications. I am very happy with the result. For me, the CV Lab was definitely worthwhile and I can only recommend it!"
Applying after career change

Housekeeping - all you need to know

The CV Lab is a place for you to work on your application documents with the help of an expert. In live sessions we discuss your situation and worries and in between sessions you will improve your documents with the help of my email or video feedbacks. In the end you have compelling documents that you are proud to send out to the world!

Included in the price are: 2 live sessions where we discuss your unique situation and I will share isights on modern techniques of writing your CV and creating a compelling LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, 3 feedback loops are included that will give you enough space for you to work on your CV and LinkedIn profile. So far, clients never needed an additional feedback loop as I provide a great briefing 🙂 Moreover you will get access to a a shared google drive with modern CV templates to use and helpful checklists!

Click on register below or fill out the short form at the end of this page and I will get back to you via email. Depending on your preference, we will kick off with the first session within the next couple of days/weeks. If there are open questions left we can have a free chat first to see whether this program and timing is right for you! 

We will meet via zoom and use all the great functions the platforms offers us. We also all have access to a shared google drive for further exchange and resources.

For any job market on this world. CVs are much more universal than you might think. I had clients from all of the world and finding out the technicalities of the specific geographic region was never the issue. The struggle is to formulate a convincing piece of paper. That’s what this program is for but of course we will cover the format requirements of the country you are aiming for within the sessions. 

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Happy to help!

Let's work on your application together!

I am well experienced with drafting CVs targeted to various different job markets around the globe. My key competence is defining the essence of your past career and portraying it in an authentic but always confident style. Many of my clients are struggling with their rather non-linear CVs, with unplanned career breaks or changing countries. In the sessions together, we are not only covering the technicalities of a CV but are defining the core essence of your pitch. 

Interested in the CV Lab?

Let me know you are interested in potentially booking a CV Lab with me by filling out this form. I will get back to you within 1-2 business days and depending on your preference we will have a quick free zoom chat to resolve all questions or we kick off the program by giving you access to all the materials needed and booking our first session together.