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Wondering about what to do with your career after moving abroad, becoming a mum, or taking a longer career break? Do you feel overwhelmed with the process of identifying your potential options and are uncertain about your career gap and competencies? You have come to the right place.

You know where you want to go but have trouble positioning yourself and creating authentic and competitive application documents. Let’s work on your CV, LinkedIn, and Elevator Pitch. 

You are thinking about re-entering the workforce or changing career paths but lack clarity on what the future might look like. You seek long-term career support. Join the Jumpstart your career program and get individual VIP coaching. 

I will help you make yourself a priority again, gain clarity on your next steps, and communicate your strengths in an effective way. You will rediscover a sense of purpose, get more confidence about your professional identity and feel ready to re-enter the workforce with a career that is aligned with your global family life.

About me

As a certified coach with lots of expertise with non-linear career paths, I am supporting women around the globe who seek clarity and guidance on their next career step. Many of my clients are either trying to figure out their options while living abroad, others are re-entering the workforce after longer career breaks from the traditional job market or are thinking about switching jobs and industries. 


I have lived and worked in the UK, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States. Germany is my passport country and I offer all my services in German or English. 

About my coaching style

All my coachings are influenced by my core values: 

I coach women from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or current location. The challenges of a global career or re-entering the workforce after a sabbatical are universal! 

Academic studies are an important part of my daily work. I combine real stories of women abroad with the findings and results of academic studies and experts in the Global Mobility industry. My 18 months of extensive coaching training have been certified and approved by the International Coaching Federation.

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The client, her personal situation, and goal are my key drivers for my coaching style. While I have established a proved concept, I am always flexible in the use of my tools and techniques to match the learning style and the personal circumstances of my clients. Be it by pausing the contract when family emergencies occur, switching quickly from coaching to consulting when clarity has been achieved early in the process or changing the way of defining the action steps in between sessions.

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