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Feeling lost in your career after moving abroad, becoming a parent, or taking a break? Unsure about your options or how to bridge career gaps? Welcome to SharetheLove. As your certified coach, I'm here to guide you back to your core, clarify your next moves, and highlight your strengths. Together, we'll reignite your professional passion, boost your confidence, and prepare you to step back into the workforce with a career that harmonizes with your family life.

Welcome to SharetheLove where it is all about career planning across national borders and experiencing the expat partner rollercoaster. 

The reason I started SharetheLove

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Starting off with a solid foundation in the corporate sector, my career path initially followed a straightforward, ascending trajectory, focusing on digital marketing and business development. Motivated by personal ambition, I embraced opportunities to live, study, and work internationally in locations like the UK, Taiwan, and Spain.

Then, in 2017, a significant shift occurred due to my husband’s job offer in Chicago, USA, propelling me into a new career direction. It was here I connected with numerous women navigating the challenging process of professional realignment. Through these encounters, I uncovered an eye-opening statistic:

80% of expat partners on corporate assignments abroad are women, nearly 90% of whom possess university degrees. Yet, astonishingly, just a small fraction of these expat partners manage to continue their professional journeys abroad.

* Sources: BGRS, 2016; EY, 2018; Internations Business Edition, 2019

Rediscovering Identity: Empowering Expat Partners on Their Professional Journey

During my time abroad, I encountered many women deeply impacted by the challenges of redefining themselves professionally in a new country. The question, „Who am I without my job title?“ resonated strongly, especially among those who left their own careers behind. In social gatherings, I noticed women from the diplomatic community often defining themselves primarily through their spouses‘ careers. This observation was a catalyst for me to document these experiences on SharetheLove.

My aim was to highlight that this struggle with identity is not unique or isolated. Despite many feeling isolated in their experiences, I wanted to leverage literature and research to demonstrate that this identity crisis is a widespread and recognized issue. SharetheLove focuses on bringing this matter to the forefront, offering a platform where women can find solidarity, support, and solutions.

Through SharetheLove, I share insights, practical advice, and publish guides and studies to address this challenge. My extensive training as a coach enables me to lead women, both individually and in groups, on a journey from uncertainty to rediscovering and embracing their professional identities anew.

Expat Partner, Expat Partner Career, Coaching, Global Mobility, working abroad, moving abroad, global women, expatriation
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The pillars of my work


I followed the ambitious alpha career in a company before I found myself in the role of the accompanying partner. I have not only published on the topic of identity crisis but also experienced it myself. I experienced the challenges of new beginnings and bring them authentically into my coaching and publications.


Academic studies are an important part of my daily work. I combine real stories of women abroad with the findings and results of academic studies and experts in the Global Mobility industry. My extensive coaching training in 2019 & 2024 has been recognized and approved by the International Coaching Federation.


I coach women from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or current location. The challenges of a global career or re-entering the workforce after a sabbatical are universal! Every group coaching session where women from different countries talk about similar challenges and desires, even though they have a completely different cultural background, is my daily proof of this!

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You want to exchange ideas with like-minded people? You want to read about how others have dealt with their challenges? Then you will find two exciting opportunities here:


I have published in various places on the topics of working abroad, female career planning, and identity crises. Most of the studies are free of charge. 

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