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New Roots

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New group kicking off this November 2023

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Embark on your new life abroad with both confidence and a supportive community at your side. ‘New Roots’ is crafted specifically for expat partners yearning for actionable solutions and strategies for a seamless transition. In this program, you won’t just find a course, but a family of peers who fully grasp the intricacies of your journey. Together, with expert guidance, navigate the rich tapestry of challenges and opportunities that living abroad unfolds. Join us to carve out a fulfilling, grounded, and thriving expatriate journey, tailored just for you.

Is that you?

Feeling a bit lost?

Aspiring to Grow Professionally?

In need of a Community?

Seeking Harmony in Personal Relationships?

Ready to Embrace Your New Self?

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Remember, this program is built with you in mind, focusing on your unique experiences and needs as an expat partner. Together, we'll pave the pathway to a thriving life abroad.

Katharina von Knobloch (Kate) - former expat partner & global mobility expert

Dive Into Expertly Designed Modules

Delve into eight comprehensive sessions that cover essential aspects of the expat journey – from navigating cultural shocks to carving out fulfilling professional paths. Each module is meticulously designed to address the unique needs and aspirations of expat partners, equipping you with tangible strategies and a solid support network.


A group of like-minded women to inspire + support

Weekly meetings

A fixed date in your weekly calendar to work on your progress


Weekly check-ins via email to keep you accountable

Material & Resources

Your very own workbook for manifesting your development.

Personalized Support and Guidance from a Certified Coach:

Receive personalized support and guidance from a certified coach who has walked in your shoes. With firsthand experience in expatriate life, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face. I'm here to provide tailored advice and insights, facilitating a seamless transition to a thriving life abroad.

Interactive Community Engagement:

Dive into enriching discussions and collaborative activities with a community of like-minded expat partners. Share your experiences, learn from others, and build lasting connections that foster mutual growth and support.

Resourceful Toolkits and Materials:

Discover a valuable selection of toolkits and materials, each carefully designed to aid you in your expat journey. From interactive exercises to insightful worksheets, these resources will be your steady companions, guiding you towards a successful and fulfilling life abroad.

Flexible Virtual Meetings of 60-Minutes Each:

Join me for 60-minute sessions from anywhere in the world via the popular Zoom platform. I have carefully crafted this program to fit seamlessly into your bustling schedule, aiming to make it easily accessible even for mums managing the busy rhythms of family life. Together, we'll bridge distances and build a community of expat partners from various corners of the globe.

Built-In Accountability:

Between sessions, you'll benefit from structured accountability elements designed to keep you on track and motivated. I'm here to help you make tangible progress towards your personal and professional goals, ensuring that every step you take is a step forward.

Post-Program Support:

Your journey with 'New Roots' doesn't end with the last session. I value lasting connections, and that's why I remain accessible for continued guidance and support. As part of our community, you'll always have a touchpoint for advice and encouragement, along with the option to book individual coaching sessions at a preferential rate. Together, we will ensure your thriving journey continues.

Step 1:

When enrolling, kindly indicate your time zone on the enrollment form. This will help in crafting a schedule that respects everyone’s time.

Step 2:

I will analyze the collected information to create a schedule that caters to the majority, taking into consideration the holiday season and my availability during late mornings and potentially late evenings, to accommodate a wide range of time zones.

Step 3:

I will communicate the finalized schedule to all participants well in advance, making sure we foster a community where everyone feels comfortable and heard.

new roots, mastermind program, expat partner, coaching, woman

I understand that scheduling concerns might arise regarding your ability to attend the sessions. Rest assured, your comfort and satisfaction are my paramount priorities. In case the proposed schedule doesn’t align with your availability, I am committed to finding a viable solution, including offering a full refund if necessary.

I am thrilled at the prospect of creating a nurturing and inclusive space where we can embark on this journey of growth and learning together. Your understanding and cooperation in this process are greatly valued!

Unlock Your Successful Expat Journey

Comprehensive Coaching Program for Seamless Transition Abroad

Embark on a transformative journey with the ‘New Roots’ program for a total investment of €380. This inclusive fee grants you access to 8 engaging live sessions guided by a certified coach, personal accountability check-ins, a rich collection of resourceful materials, and the chance to forge connections with a vibrant community of fellow expat partners. Together, we will create a nurturing space for collaborative learning and mutual support, paving the way for a successful transition to your new home abroad.

new roots, mastermind program, expat partner, coaching, woman


Unlock Your Thriving Expat Journey
380 including tax
  • Eight Expertly Crafted Modules
  • Personalized Support and Guidance
  • A Nurturing and Inclusive Community
  • Resourceful Toolkits and Materials
  • Flexible Virtual Meetings
  • Built-In Accountability
  • Post-Program Support

Inspiring Journeys: Testimonials from Empowered Expat Partners

The final push

“Having lived and still living “the experience abroad”, I love that Kate puts into numbers and words what we all go through. I enjoy her articles which are helpful as well as inspirational. Joining one of her mastermind groups put things into motion for me as I took the personal deadlines “very personal”. Wherever you are at your journey, if you need the very first input and structure or if you need the final push to move forward, having this exchange with other expat partners lead and coached by Kate will facilitate the process! I had so high expectations on myself and so many ideas but our discussions and exercises helped me make peace with the fact that values have changed along the way… while the weekly to-do list made me explore new waters and opened doors to brand-new job opportunities. Thanks, Kate!” Ute, mother of twins

Mastermind Day was my favorite day of the week

“I very much enjoyed being part of the Mastermind Coaching Group and to learn from and by inspired by not only Kate but also the other fantastic and talented women that I was privileged to meet there. Kate does a great job getting you started on your career. I was especially impressed by the workbook that she put together. It contains so much valuable information and food for thought.
Thank you Kate for the sessions! I do miss them already!” Julia, mother of two girls (7 & 13 years old)​

I discovered the opportunity within the challenging time

“I was lucky to find my way to Kate at the time when we as a family relocated to Germany from Serbia. I was looking for a career path suitable for me in the new place and to continue my journey as a professional. With Kate’s guidance, through many interesting activities and deep and meaningful conversations with others in my mastermind group, I discovered that such shifts in life offer an opportunity for enriching experiences, not only for ourselves but also for others with whom we share our stories. Thank you, Kate, for SHARING the LOVE, knowledge, and experience with us who happen to come across your message on our way towards self-realization.” Speaking from the heart, Svetlana

Meet Your Personal Expat Journey Guide

I’m originally from Germany, but my love for travelling and exploring new cultures has taken me to many places around the world. From the UK to Spain, from Taiwan to Chicago in the USA, I’ve made my home in several corners of the globe. It’s in Chicago where I started my own business and trained to be a coach.

Starting SharetheLove was a personal journey for me. I realized that many expat partners, like me, sometimes feel lost when they move to a new place. It can be tough to pause your career and find your feet in a completely new environment. Often, we feel alone and misunderstood, as the impact of this big change on our identity is not something everyone talks about.

I believe we all have so much potential and unique skills that are valuable. But sometimes, when we’re far from home and starting fresh, we might doubt ourselves a bit. That’s where SharetheLove comes in.

My goal is to help women like us during these times of doubt. To create a space where we can talk openly about our experiences, learn from each other, and build new, fulfilling lives abroad. I want to help you rediscover your strengths and carve out a beautiful new beginning in your new home.

Join us at SharetheLove, where we support each other to grow and find happiness on this exciting expat journey!

Join the SharetheLove Community - Your Compass for a Joyful Expat Journey

Katharina von Knobloch (Kate)

former expat partner & global mobility expert