Working on your LinkedIn profile is no fun - yet it is essential

Text by: Kate von Knobloch

What to expect from this article: Learn more about the importance of LinkedIn in the job hunting process and how you can utilise this platform even if you are not keen on including Social Media in your career planning process. 

Some personal notes: Updating my own LinkedIn profile is on my to do list for quite some time. It’s funny as I am a career coach myself and I am pushing my clients to get their LinkedIn profile working for them. I urge them to be active in the time of applying and use the platform for their advantage. But I guess it is a common phenomenon that the doctor’s are the worst patient. What I want to say with that is: I totally get that working on your LinkedIn profile (or even creating one) is not actually a fun activity but it is a time- consuming activity that also needs tons of reflection work beforehand. It is not just a copy paste process and hence it is really helpful to get someone that helps you with that!

Also I can totally resonate with some of my clients‘ thoughts: Sometimes LinkedIn can feel very overwhelming but at the same time full of triggering sharing by former colleagues or classmates, Especially when you are not in your own professional happy place, these sharing can trigger negative thoughts and lead to one not posting anything. 

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Why using LinkedIn in your job search period - even if you are no fan

However, LinkedIn is THE largest professional network in the world and a really helpful tool to connect job seekers and potential employers when you go back to its core purpose. There is a whole industry of recruiters doing nothing else than browsing the social network to find suitable candidates. Hence, LinkedIn is your free business card that is handed out without you leaving the sofa. It is also a helpful platform if you want to do something about your personal branding. Here is the chance to portrait your skills and experiences and use the power of links, pictures, and text to portrait the essence of your personality. In case you are in the active period of job hunting, LinkedIn can be used as a online employment website with tons of jobs. It even makes it very simple for you to apply: With just one click. However careful there! I am talking about why to avoid the one-click application in my CV Lab. Next to being a job search platform it is also a great (and free!) research tool. It was never easier to gain a better understanding of a company than browsing through the content that company is sharing on LinkedIn and the people working for that company. It is a great way to get a better feeling for the company and team cultures. 

"Job seekers with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview.”


So, let’s summarise some of the key advantages of LinkedIn and why including this social media platform to your job search is so crucial:

  • Professional Networking Platform: LinkedIn is the largest professional network, connecting job seekers with potential employers and industry contacts.
  • Visibility to Recruiters: Many recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet candidates, making an active presence on the platform crucial.
  • Personal Branding: LinkedIn profiles provide a platform for job seekers to establish their professional brand and showcase their skills and experiences.
  • Access to Job Opportunities: LinkedIn serves as an online employment website with a wide range of job listings.
  • Insights into Companies and Industries: The platform offers insights into company cultures and industry trends, helping candidates tailor their applications.
  • Enhanced Job Application: Including a LinkedIn profile in job applications can significantly increase interview callback rates.
  • Showcasing a Comprehensive Career Story: LinkedIn allows for a more detailed career narrative than a traditional CV, including endorsements and recommendations.
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Common Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Rather than sharing what to do to make your LinkedIn profile more engaging I decided to share some common pitfalls that I am seeing with my clients on a regular basis. It is very educating to learn from the learning curve of others and while reading, I invite you to reflect on how your own profile might show some of these common pitfalls. 

A (not at all) complete list of missed opportunities on LinkedIn:

  • Incomplete Profile: Not filling out your profile in full, leaving sections like education and work experience blank. View LinkedIn as an all or nothing platform. If you don’t include at least the basic information to make a compelling argument you can save your time and energy in the first place.
  • Unprofessional Photo: Using a casual or inappropriate profile picture instead of a professional headshot. Sometimes it is very hard to make that judgment ourselves! Ask a friend – or ask me!
  • Neglecting the Summary Section: Skipping the summary or writing it in a way that doesn’t effectively showcase your professional story. Make the platform work for you and not the other way round.
  • Ignoring Skills and Endorsements: Failing to list relevant skills or seek endorsements from colleagues and peers. It’s a social media! Hence, feeding the algorithm is crucial.
  • Lack of Activity: Not engaging with the platform through posts, comments, or sharing relevant content. I totally understand that feeding yet another social media can be exhausting. That’s why I am discussing a customized social media strategy with my clients in the CV Labs.
  • Generic Headlines: Using a vague or generic headline instead of a specific, targeted one. I am stressing this point A LOT in my lectures at universities and in my coaching. All for a very good reason!
  • Not Customizing Connection Requests: Sending generic connection requests without personalizing the message. Treating people with the proper respect is also essential on the internet!

The CV Lab - adding back the fun in drafting your CV and LinkedIn

I have created the CV lab to support you in this vital part of your application journey and hold you accountable. In two live sessions and three feedback loops I will tell you everything you need to know to create compelling application papers and I will also equip you with modern templates if it has been a while since last updating your CV. It will be just you and me so we can talk openly about any concerns you might have!

I am also very experienced with global CVs and rather non-linear career paths, including career gaps and changed job fields. I know how to cater your CV to the specific country you are aiming for right now since my clients are coming from all around the globe. 

After coming back from parental leave myself, I am offering (only) 4 spots for January 2024. So if you want to polish your story, get your facts right, make the outline work for you and create a compelling case, make sure to book your seat. 

And there you have it – your golden ticket to standing out in the bustling job market! Remember, your career path is as unique as your fingerprint, full of twists, turns, and thrilling plot twists. The CV Lab is here to help you narrate this incredible story through your CV and LinkedIn profile, making sure your professional persona shines bright like a diamond in the sky of candidates.

Don’t let your CV be a wallflower at the job search party. Instead, let it dance in the spotlight with the help of the CV Lab! With only four spots open this January, it’s time to jump on the career express train – choo choo! 🚂

Can’t wait to see where your career path takes you next – with a little help from the CV Lab, the sky’s the limit! Keep chasing those career dreams with a spring in your step!

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