Create yourself a Portable Career

In this category, I gather all the information I can find about remote jobs or portable careers. My goal is to inspire you and show you different options that are out there. This is an ongoing process! I recommend going back to this page for new content. Also, when you have ideas for portable careers or want to be featured let me know and we will share your wisdom with this great community!

BLOGGING - everything you need to know to start today

Learn more on how to start with your blogging career, what you need and evaluate your personal benefit. 

The Digital nomad hype
Research & Resources

How you as the Expat can benefit from the Digital Nomad community and all my researches & resources. 

coming soon, expat career

Virtual assistant - The side entrance to it?

Still working on a comprehensive look on that profession. Stay tuned!

coming soon, expat career

UX-Designer -
The emancipation of the Expat Partner?

Still working on a comprehensive look on that profession. 

Stay tuned!

The best resources to plan your professional career abroad as the Expat or Expat Partner

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