New Dates for September 2022​

CV Lab & Coworking

German or English coaching depending on group preference

Get your LinkedIn profile and CV up to date

Do you procrastinate on finally polishing your LinkedIn profile and CV? Are you just bored doing it alone and also feeling a bit insecure about what a brilliant CV should look like? No need to do it alone. I created a fun lab where you can work on your papers in a fun and supportive community!

About the CV lab & coworking program

My step-by-step program will lead you to a winning CV via these three essential steps:

Time & Space

In this program, we create a time and space to work on your CV. No excuses, no procrastinating. We are meeting three times for 60 minutes to work together on your CV. I demand your full attention and I know you will be committed and walk away with a brilliant and convincing CV. No prerecorded videos but real-time person to person meetings!

Understand who you are

Through fun coaching exercises we will discover your strengths and skills and put them in the right professional wording. If you have a career break, we will focus on shedding the right light on this valuable time. Language is key and I will help you to get your story right while staying true and authentic to yourself. 

Community feedback

It is so much more fun to polish your CV with a nice community of like-minded people. We use a shared google drive to give each other feedback and cheer each other on! You may as well find a great buddy to keep each other accountable throughout the whole application journey. 

Modern templates

I want this process to be fun and intuitive for you so I share easy-to-use and modern layouts and examples of convincing CVs with you. 

New Dates for September 2022

All labs are taking place in English or German depending on group setting

The three week long program includes 3 live sessions taking place:

What's included

Package Price EUR 247

After a 10 year career break, I was daunted by the prospect of dusting off my CV. How do I explain the gap? I didn’t do anything in that time. These, and others, were questions going through my mind when I remembered Kate offers a CV Lab. I didn’t hesitate and signed up just before the summer with the idea: what’s done, is done. I couldn’t be happier for the work with Kate. She constructively gives positive feedback, identified my strengths, helped fill the “gap” and how to own it. The elevator pitch and LinkedIn work are equally as encouraging and helpful. I strongly recommend this for anyone uncertain about their CV, stuck in a rut. I feel energized and positive going forward.
Alexandra Schmid Maygnan
Virtual Assistant
I decided to do the CV Lab with Kate because I didn't feel 100% comfortable with my resume. However, I couldn't pin it down to anything concrete. Through the tips, the guidance and especially the great feedback from Kate, I now have my CV and LinkedIn profile that I can stand by 100% and that show who I am. This makes it much easier for me to present myself to the outside world and increases my self-confidence.
Viktoria Wendland
Automotive Industry
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you on my CV. Honestly I haven't looked at my CV and LinkedIn profile in such detail and processed it so carefully. Kate is really great helped me with everything. Before that I knew halfway what to do and how to write my pitch. Kate really submitted only the best suggestions to us.
Kamola Kenisarina
Green Energy Specialist
I have been living abroad for several years, have done a lot of volunteer work during that time and have reoriented myself professionally in the meantime with a self-study. Now I would like to gain a professional foothold with the new qualification. Adjusting my now not so straightforward CV seemed difficult and I didn't really know how to approach it. Kate's CV Lab helped me a lot to work on my CV in a structured way and with new approaches according to my new professional task and to formulate it in a meaningful way. With empathy and a lot of understanding on her part for my current situation, we highlighted my current qualifications. I am very happy with the result. For me, the CV Lab was definitely worthwhile and I can only recommend it!
Applying after career change

Let's work on your application together!

Housekeeping - all you need to know

We will meet via zoom and use all the great functions the platforms offers us including breakout rooms to give better feedback. We also all have access to a shared google drive for further exchange and resources.

For any job market on this world. CVs are much more universal than you might think. I had clients from all of the world and finding out the technicalities of the specific geographic region was never the issue. The struggle is to formulate a convincing piece of paper. That’s what this program is for but of course we will cover the format requirements of the country you are aiming for within the sessions. 

Groups are limited to 4 persons max so the best way to save your spot is to choose the right package on top and go to check out.

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