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A German in Chicago

10 first impressions of a German woman living in Chicago

After setting foot in the US to live here for the next few years I took the time to write down my first impressions of the city itself and also some American customs that attracted my attention. As a result, I am now showing you my top 10 of remarkable things about the US and Chicago.

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Monday Thoughts

The Women’s March from an Expat point of view

Last Saturday Chicago was a very vibrant city full of positive energy. The reason for that was the second nation-wide Women’s March. One year ago, when President Trump took over, millions of female protesters went out onto the streets to show how they feel about being ruled by this president.

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The Expat Wife Role

What am I? The struggle of defining myself as an Expat Wife

In this blog post I will explain the emotional journey of an Expat Wife and the deep, mind-changing learning I drew out of that experience. My motivation behind this post and the blog itself is more than ever: Empower women who were bold enough to quit their job and joined their husband on their joint adventure abroad.

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