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As AN EXPAT PARTNER, MOVING ABROAD DOES NOT ONLY IMPLY CHANGING COUNTRY AND LEAVING FRIENDS & FAMILY. The change also affects your career and personal development. The goal is to turn the frustration of giving up your former professional identity into excitement about starting fresh!

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Identity Struggle

Where is home?

Being in three different countries over the last couple of days I got inspired by the question of “Where is home”. Here is my point of view on this topic and I would love to learn more about your opinion.

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Cultural Differences

Going to the gynecologist in the US (compared to Germany)

When you are moving abroad it’s funny how many small things in daily life start to become a big event. For me visiting the gynecologist was one of these moments. In this article, I describe a little bit of my routine visit last week to give you some insights on how different our cultures are in these daily life situations. For my male readership: I know that’s TMI, but if you are curious keep on reading 🙂

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A German in Chicago

5 things to know before moving to Chicago

Almost one year ago we packed our stuff and moved to Chicago. It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by when you have fun.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Chicago. Many of them are true and some of them are totally exaggerated. In the following, I tell you 5 things you should know when thinking about moving to Chicago.

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