The 4-weeks Happiness Tracker

The 4-weeks Happiness Tracker

I love checklists in all kinds of forms and it is no wonder that coaching got me interested in Happiness Tracking. In this blog post, I tell you what Happiness Tracking is all about. I also offer a free download for everyone that wants to check their current mood and wellbeing. Just follow the link below. 

How Tracking your happiness helps to find focus and reach your goals


The idea behind Happiness Tracking is to create awareness of the status quo and learn about patterns in our daily life that increase our happiness. By measuring our experiences on individual moments, we gain an accurate picture of our life and the determinants of our happiness. See on one glance what behavior is supporting you and what activities do not determine your happiness to the extent you have been believing. 



How the happiness tracker works

The first step is to define what areas are really important in your life / what areas do you like to work on. In my free download, I give you the option to use the prefilled form or the empty form to define these 4 areas for yourself. 


It is important to be realistic but also generalistic. Each evening you mark the areas you are happy with throughout the days. As the last step you value the day with a smiley depending on your mood. 


At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to look back, reflect and mark a summary of the week. For more details, check out the download below.


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When to start with the happiness tracker

There is no start nor end date. I purposely left put no date or month on the template so that you can start whenever you feel like it. Many of us prefer to us with the first of the month – for myself love to start with Mondays. Whatever date you are starting, you have the opportunity to note it down in the template. 

I am excited to know if this download is useful to you! Please reach out to me with questions or remarks! It will help me to improve my future free templates for you!  Happy Tracking!

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