Alltag anders: Die Rückbesinnung auf eigene Werte im Ausland

Das Leben im Ausland eröffnen einem nicht nur eine vollkommen neue Sicht auf Land und Leute. Die Wahrnehmung von weltweiten Kulturunterschieden macht auch etwas mit den eigenen Vorstellungen. Was ist erstrebenswert? Was gehört zu den Dingen die man unbedingt braucht und was sind Dinge die in einem Kulturkreis als unbedingt notwendig angesehen werden und woanders überhaupt keine Rolle spielen? Ganz plastisch wird das wenn man sich einmal ganz konkret an einer Alltagssituation bewusst macht. In diesem Artikel widme ich mich der unterschiedlichen Ausgestaltung von Kinderzimmern weltweit und was das mit dem Zurückbesinnen auf unseren Urinstinkt zu tun hat. 

The future of female expatriation – the prospect of an international career path

In the course of my Female Expat Study, I asked women around the world about their international careers. Finally, I wanted to find out what their personal outlook is on the international job market for women. Will it become more and more normal to see women in leadership positions? Will companies send more women abroad or will they continue to see women as too much of a risk?
In this blog post, I give insight into how many women are currently being sent abroad at all and let the women themselves have their say with their view of the future.

The threat of expatriation for the expat spouse

spouse, identity, adjustment

An international relocation presents varying degrees of threat or challenge to expatriate spouses‘ happiness. In this blog post, I explain why that is and reveal the key ingredient to master the journey of moving countries with a sense of fulfillment and happiness. 

Bye-Bye VUCA – hello BANI

Are you already freaking out after reading the headline? Has this headline created a fear of missing out (FOMO)? Well, the BANI model is gaining more traction right now and I wanted to clear some confusion you might have.

The 1-year repatriation milestone: A personal reflection & tips

My phone remembered me that we left our apartment in Chicago exactly one year ago. After a typical Covid Weekend (meaning you are only able to recharge your batteries to 60%) I want to take the time to reflect on this past year and how my expatriate experience helped me navigate through this year.

Rediscovering your intuition abroad

When your career plans abroad have not worked out: Listen to your intuition and pause your busy mind. Here is my personal story of my life abroad.

Moving countries during an epidemic

repatriation. covid, epidemic, expat

5 weeks in our very own repatriation journey I want to take the chance and reflect. How does it feel to move back to your home country? How does someone adjust to a culture that is familiar but distant at the same time? Oh, and yes, let’s not forget that we are all trying to create a new normal in times of Covid19.

Repatriation is a bitch

expat, flug, flight, plane, repatriation

Repatriation is one of the most underrated and intense phases of the whole process of temporarily living abroad. In this blog post, I want to show why that is, what you can do to prepare, and what you can expect. As always, I have used a mixture of academic papers, articles, and personal stories from within the expat community to create a valuable and comprehensive resource for you.

Do we have an obligation as expats?

expat, world, privilege, responsibility

Reflecting on my experience at the Families in Global Transition Conference in Bangkok a couple of weeks ago, there is one sentence that is imprinted in my head: „We are equipped – more than others – to make a change.“
I keep wondering: Is that true? Are we in a privileged situation that should trigger us to act?

Digital Nomads & their positive outlook on career

digital nomads, expat partner, survey, portable career

Learn what professions Digital Nomads do pursue and what outlook they have on their future career. I have summarized the results in an infographic you will find below. Please feel free to share!

Making friends abroad

friends, expat, living abroad

Finding friends abroad is a challenging but rewarding process. In the expat world, friendship is often intense, short, and always comes with a good-bye at a certain point. In this blog post, I talk about how to approach this emotional topic and stay in contact throughout the shared time abroad.

20 cultural difference you rather feel than can explain

german city, culture, us

Each country has its smell, taste and smaller habits that you can feel more than explain. When you are living abroad, and you are coming home for Christmas, this is a perfect opportunity to explore your own culture with new eyes. You will recognize differences you have not been aware before moving abroad. Here is my selection of 20 typical Germans things that caught my attention after living in the US.

Visiting home as the Expat

I will be flying to Europe tomorrow and living abroad for two years now my feeling about this holiday and coming „home“ has changed a bit. In this blog post, I want to share my view about this. If you are an expat yourself, you might resonate with this, if you are a friend of an Expat this might help you to understand your friend a bit better.

The Expat Syndrom and its best medicine

expat syndrom, girl running

Especially new Expats are struggling with the so-called Expat syndrome: We tend to see only the negative parts of the new culture we are living in and praise our own culture from back home. It is human and does not define your character. It’s more of a coping strategy of the human brain for an overload of uncertainty and new beginnings. However, this attitude won’t make you happy when living abroad.