Guidance & Inspiration for women moving abroad and asking themselves:

What do I do with my career?

Hi! I am Kate, an intercultural coach / career consultant / Marketing expert, driven by curiosity and the goal to explore the world. I have worked and lived in 5 different countries so far but nothing shaped me like my current Expat Experience.

I am on a mission to help women who moved abroad, repatriated to their home country  or re-joined the job market after spending valuable time with their family in finding their professional identity and start to trust in their skills and impact.  

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Welcome to sharethelove!

How will you manage your abroad?

The way to get started is by identifying what makes you strive and removing your barriers that are by 99% chance made up in your own head. We focus on personal growth, intercultural competence and international career advice. Check out my career workbook, download my free guides or browse through my most recent blog posts for more insights.


career advice

  • Straight-forward tool-set to apply in a foreign job market.
  • Valuable advice on how to establish a new network abroad.
  • How to effectively market a career gap.
  • Increase your visibility abroad.
  • Discover different entry points.

Unlock your true goals

  • Define your professional identity.
  • Become clear on what you are looking for.
  • Work on your strengths communication.

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Expat Blues Help

Download my 7 proven tips & tricks to overcome the Expat Partner blues when you feel isolated and have no idea what to do next.


the value exercise

Check back on what is really important to you in order to decide on where to focus your professional direction abroad.


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Weekly planner

Gain some structure to your week and plan your networking events, nerve-racking but important administrative stuff about moving abroad and all other todos. 

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Motivation chart

Create your personal reminder on why you went abroad and your current perspective on how your life could look like. Great tool to get back to after some time. 

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I love to write about my daily cultural experiences, coaching techniques and my passion for travel the world.

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Where is home?

Being in three different countries over the last couple of days I got inspired by the question of “Where is home”. Here is my point of view on this topic and I would love to learn more about your opinion.

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Going to the gynecologist in the US (compared to Germany)

When you are moving abroad it’s funny how many small things in daily life start to become a big event. For me visiting the gynecologist was one of these moments. In this article, I describe a little bit of my routine visit last week to give you some insights on how different our cultures are in these daily life situations. For my male readership: I know that’s TMI, but if you are curious keep on reading 🙂

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