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Monday Thoughts

The Expat-Relationship. A real test!

An expat assignment is a tough time as it throws both partners into cold water but due to work in different “buckets”. Read about my personal experience and how to communicate with your partner.

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A German in Chicago

My personal “Feels-like-home” spots in Chicago

I am a huge fan of diving into a new culture and exploring new tastes, customs and ways how to do things. However, from time to time I enjoy feeling at home at a foreign place to feel energized again. In this blog post I will show you my Chicago gems for European spirit.

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Monday Thoughts

The Expat-preneur: A real deal?

Over the last week, I read a couple of academic papers about expatriation. Many papers are dealing with the effect of expatriation on the relationship and the influence of the Expat Partner on the success of the assignment.
One paper, in particular, caught my attention: “The expat-preneur: conceptualizing a growing international career phenomenon” by M. Vance, Y. McNulty, Y. Paik and J. D’Mello.

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All the gear you need for your backpacking adventure

If you are new to backpacking all the potential gear to buy can be a bit overwhelming. I did my own research before starting my first solo travel. Most items have been really helpful, some are not to miss and others are an unnecessary luxury. In this blog post, I will give you an overview of the key essential items for a convenient experience when traveling alone or with friends and family. I would definitely take all these items with me on my next adventure!

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Monday Thoughts

Monday Thought: Why do we have to think big?

Why should we think big? Why is a normal job not enough anymore? Or even just to be normal? Average? Happy with the status quo? Why should we educate our children that they not only can become anything they want but at the same time indicating that this has become part of our social expectations on success?

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A German in Chicago

10 first impressions of a German woman living in Chicago

After setting foot in the US to live here for the next few years I took the time to write down my first impressions of the city itself and also some American customs that attracted my attention. As a result, I am now showing you my top 10 of remarkable things about the US and Chicago.

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