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My top 5 online learning platforms for your personal development

The internet is full of great ways to broaden your horizon and learn new skills. In our modern days, we even do not have to leave our apartment to learn something new. There are endless apps, websites, and social groups that help you improve your skills, start a side hustle or shift career paths. However, it is not easy to distinguish between a good education program for a reasonable price (or even for free) and all the noise you can find online leading to you only scrolling the internet instead of doing something. 


If you are looking for great platforms to enhance your skillset online here are my favorite 5 websites to go to. They are all bullet-proof and a definitive recommendation! 

1. Skillshare

This one is the most obvious one as Skillshare is doing lots of marketing at the moment with influencers. I am using Skillshare (both paid and free) for a couple of years now and enjoy the variety of topics they offer. The quality ranges a little bit, but a short peek into the introduction of each course will tell you whether this is the right course for you to invest your time. Basically, Skillshare is a great platform when you want to add more creative skills to your portfolio. It is also a great source if you want to become more internet-savvy, a professional blogger, or if you want to know how to publish a book. There are lots of promo codes out there, so if you want to have a free 1-month peek into the paid version of Skillshare just google it.

2. Future Learn

This is a platform I just found out about half a year ago. I love that the courses are for free and that you only have to pay if you want to become certified. Personally, I enjoyed many of the international communication courses they offer but they are also great for languages or economic principles. The classroom atmosphere is very international! A big plus. The courses are usually 5-weeks long and after each course, you can interact with students around the globe. 

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3. General Assembly

Since I moved to Chicago, I have been to endless General Assembly events (free & paid) at their local campus. The topics are circling around new professions within the tech industry and they also make it easy for non-tech people to get a foot into the door. If you are thinking about becoming an UX-Designer or learning more about SQL this is the place to go. General Assembly can be found in many different cities around the globe and they also offer online courses. 

4. Coursera

Coursera is similar to skillshare and FutureLearn an online learning platform. It is founded by two Stanford professors and offers free online courses and degrees in engineering, business, digital marketing, computer science, social science, and much more. Since 2018 they also offer Bachelor and Master programs. Check them out if you are looking for a broad spectrum of topics with an academic twist. 

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5. Female Future Force (German)

If you are looking for some inspiration in career planning and personal development, I can recommend the Female Future Force Program by the German website editionf. The course focuses on women and is only available in German at the moment. It is a series of video content about several topics around personal development such as: mindfulness, family planning in alignment with career, self-assessment exercises, and much more. 

These are my current Top5 platforms that I am using on a regular basis. I would love to hear what you are using to improve your skills and learn about something new. Let me know in the comments below! 

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1 thought on “Self-learning 2019”

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