The effect of giving yourself an A

What happens when you pretend the best case scenario already happened? Sharing a fun and compelling coaching exercise called „giving yourself an A“

Stop canceling on events last minute – about the destructive effect of not being committed​

We say yes to dates and events only to end up not going. We read our social media feed only to find that reading is no longer the right word – we casually notice it while our finger is already scrolling on to the next post without us noticing. What happens when we stop being committed? What is the long term effect of this habit and how can we change when the world around us it at war?

Do you have your priorities straight?

In this blog post, I introduce a short coaching tool you can use to reflect on your priorities. This way you can prioritize what your next professional step should include and what should be put on the back burner unexpectedly.

How coaching helped me to become a happier Expat

How coaching helped me to become a happier expat I want to share with you how coaching helped me to become a happier Expat / Expat Partner and hope it will help you as well in the case you are sometimes struggling.  How I got introduced to coaching I have a background in marketing and […]