I’m happy to see SharetheLove featured on many great blogs, podcasts, trade magazines, etc. It is a big passion of mine to bring attention to the topic of expat partner support and to bring more diversity and facts to the discussion. Here you can find a list with a few portraits of my work and content.

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SharetheLove by empowering Expat Partners around the globe

Feature by Elisabeth Koblitz (German)

Interview by Elisabeth from about the work of an Expat Coach and how to start new in a foreign country.

Elisabeth just started a new project that I can highly recommend: Modern Journalism. Check out her website here.  

Feature by (German)

psylife is an online magazine for all those involved in psychotherapy, counseling and coaching. They featured SharetheLove about coaching and moving abroad. 

Features by Heimatabroad (German)

Over the course of the last few years, I have had the privilege of writing several articles for the Heimatabroad site, which is aimed at German expats in New York and America in general.

Internations Business Solutions

Internations has offered me the opportunity to talk about expatriation from a professional perspective. They are currently rearranging their website. Link will follow. 

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Feature by

Alastair and Alison have a great website, with info about visa regulations and all the other more technical planning around expatriation.

Feature by

An interview from my early days about my profession and my vision for my work.

Feature in Joint Ventures (English & Japanese)

A great blog by a Japanese I met living in Chicago. They have interviewed me about my work, my life as an expat partners and my tips for new expats. 

Presentation at the Families in Global Transition Conference in Bangkok

A highlight of my professional career as a coach was the Families in Global Transition conference in Bangkok 2018, where I had the privilege to present the results of my study on digital nomads and what expat partners can learn from their approach.

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katharina von Knobloch, coach, joint ventures, interview, japan

Feature in The Tandem Nomad Podcast

What are the differences between being a digital nomad and running a portable business, especially as an expat spouse?

What can expat spouses learn from how digital nomads run their career and businesses on the move?

You will discover in this episode some surprising differences but also important learning lessons from digital nomads to expat spouses who want to build a portable career.

Feature in The Expatcast Podcast

Season 1, Episode 21. What do you call someone who moves to a new country because the person they’re in a relationship with got a job offer abroad? A trailing spouse? Bitte nicht! They’re an expat partner.

This nuance is vitally important, says our guest, Katharina, of the Share the Love website and blog. 

Feature in The 4 Seas - 1 Family Podcast

In this podcast, for a change, I didn’t talk about my work but about traveling alone and why every person should pack their backpack once and go off on their own.

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