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How to secure a successful expat assignment

1/3 of expat assignments fail due to family issues. Dual-career couples are the new norm and modern companies improve their Expat Partner Packages to stay attractive for young potentials and secure project success abroad. The struggle of Expat Partners to find a job and stay confident abroad is real. Most Partners fail to find fulfilling work while still most companies rely on outsourced service providers that don’t meet the needs of young, ambitious women. 

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As a certified coach, I specialize in expat partner coaching. Although I coach across topics, the focus is naturally very often on career coaching. For many expat partners, a posting interrupts an otherwise fairly linear resume and carries the risk of an identity crisis. Therefore, I often proceed in three phases in my coaching sessions:

Phase 1

Life Coaching

Gaining clarity: Assessment of status Quo and biggest obstacles

Phase 2

Career Coaching

Definition of next career steps and creation of an action plan

Phase 3

Career Consulting

Preparation of key application documents and core story

It was great to meet Kate for the coaching session today. It helped me a lot clarifying different questions I had. I wish every expat spouse would have the opportunity for such a coaching. I also recommend her workbook which I used the last weeks very much. It really helped me to get a clear understanding of what it means to go abroad, beeing an expat spouse, make yourself ready for the new job market etc. I strongly recommend to send Katharins's workbook to other spouses prior to their move. I am very happy that I was lucky to find her services myself and I would like to thank Kate for her great job! Claudia Schwegmann

Personalized Content

I help companies with their internal corporate communications to their employees. Especially the expat partner is addressed with personalized content and prepared for the upcoming challenges. Show your employees that you are aware of the potential career conflict of the respective partner and equip them right away with the right toolset to develop a new professional identity abroad. Want to know more?
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The aimless & spoiled expat spouse – an opinion piece

A few years ago I read an article in a renowned German newspaper about women who move abroad for their husband’s careers and give up their careers to do so. The article was written in a tone that made it clear that the reality of this situation was not fully grasped by the authors. There was a lot written about self-sacrifice, betrayal of emancipation, and throwing away one’s identity. These are points that are certainly felt partially by expat partners, but they do not reflect the real motivation and situation in all its complexity. I have then written an opinion piece that has lost nothing of its relevance to this day.

Therefore, in this blog post I would like to point out the other side and draw a counter-draft to the image of the spoiled partner abroad.

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Global Mobility Trends in times of COVID-19

We are living in times of great uncertainty. COVID-19 has basically impacted all aspects of life including the way we work and travel. In this blog post, I shed light on the global mobility trends 2020/2021 and how the pandemic will hit the Global Mobility sector regarding expat management. As a coach of expat partners, I always follow the global mobility industry closely. So here are my observations!

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How expat families are coping with the coronavirus

2020 had a rough start in terms of global news. The outbreak of the coronavirus was one of them. The sheer amount of media coverage (on all levels of quality) and the uncertainty that the virus outbreak brought to many lives also affected expat families around the globe but specifically those closer to the area of origin. I was wondering, how expat families are coping with the challenge, how they made their decision on whether to stay or to go “home”, and what they have learned from the current situation.

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Mastering the international move

Moving overseas is a stressful time, especially when the two Cs (Children & Container) are involved. With our own move shortly ahead, I want to summarize all the tips and tricks I received from other experienced expats and that helped me the last time we have moved countries. This list of tips is tailored to families moving with a container. Often there are professional moving companies involved and while that is a huge help in can also lead to many misunderstandings and hiccups along the way.

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Recently I stumbled upon one of the best, recent academic papers about Dual-Career Planning in expatriation. The paper “Expatriated dual-career partners: hope and disillusionment” by Agnieszka Kierner perfectly illustrates how hope vanishes when career goals are not met during an international assignment.

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Career Planning for Expat Partners: Insights Career Survey

In this post, I want to share with you the results of my very own survey I did with about 200 expat partners around the world. I have asked them about their job situation, work permit situation and how they are evaluating their career after moving abroad. In the following, I will share my top 5 learnings as well as an infographic with more details.

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Workbook specifically for Expat Partners and their professional dilemma abroad

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