The Re-entry Project

A career break is tricky to cope for many women around the globe. Re-entering the workforce after taking some time to raise children, move countries or taking a mental break is a long journey that also includes rediscovering your self worth. 


In this new research project I am aiming to shed light on the stories of women who did re-enter the workforce and are willing to share about their experience. 


Is this you?

I would be honoured to include your journey in my research. To allow a qualitative set of data the following requirements have to be met

Your career break was at least 5 years long

Your career / your job was an important part of your life before taking a break

You are currently enrolled in a job with salary or started an own business that is giving you a satisfying salary

You have 30 minutes time and are willing to talk about your journey (anonymously)

About the author

Hi, I’m Kate (Katharina von Knobloch). I am a certified coach with focus on career planning for women in transit.  Since the beginning, I have incorporated academic research into my work as a Global Mobility Expat and Expat Partner Coach. In group coaching sessions I bring together women from all over the world who want to work on their professional future but don’t yet know what it could look like or who want to get started together.

In the past, I have explored how female expat breadwinners are approaching family and career planning. The study is accessible here.. I’m very excited to see what insights can be drawn from this new research.

The project is scheduled for completion in fall 2022. If you don’t want to miss the results, I’ll be happy to sign you up for my newsletter. In it, I will provide regular updates on new reports and presentations.

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