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Expat Partner career

find your professional identity abroad as the Expat partner

Quitting your job and joining your partner abroad does not need to end your professional career. Learn what options you have and how to define what you really want during your time abroad. Make it to your own personal journey and get the most out of it!

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expat Research

Get insights into latest global mobility trends & statistics

Career Advice

Learn how to become competitive and reduce entry barriers of a foreign work environment

Cultural Guidance

Learn how to overcome cultural obstacles

Coach yourself

Find your personal path and decide what brings you forward


Get inspired by stories of other successful Expat Partners around the globe and learn how they did it

The workbook of > 150 pages is a mix of latest Expat research, coaching frameworks & exercises, expert Interviews, straight-forward real talk, reflection that equips you with your next action steps.

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Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the introduction of the workbook for a better overview. 

"I wanted to tell you how much I loved your workbook. I find it is an amazing tool for expats that are beginning their journey or someone like me that will be moving for the third time! I wish that I had that tool the first time that we moved because it was hard for my husband to understand what I was going through. So this time around I made the choice that he reads it too!!" Marlaine Legault

you are not alone -
take control of your career
as the Expat Partner

"It was great to meet Katharina for the coaching session today. It helped me a lot clarifying different questions I had. I wish every expat spouse would have the opportunity for such a coaching. I also recommend her workbook which I used the last weeks very much. It really helped me to get a clear understanding of what it means to go abroad, beeing an expat spouse, make yourself ready for the new job market etc. I strongly recommend to send Katharins's workbook to other spouses prior to their move. I am very happy that I was lucky to find her services myself and I would like to thank Katharina for her great job!" Claudia

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Author spotlight

As an Expat Partner herself, Katharina knows what it feels like to quit a promising career and start all over again during the limited time of an expatriation abroad. 

Katharina worked as a Marketing & Management consultant before moving from Germany to the States for her husband’s job and the adventure of exploring the world. She has studied and worked in 4 different countries, and it’s her vision to empower Expat Partners to live a fulfilling Expat life without being the dependent partner. 

My finding your professional identity abroad is important:

70 %
of Expat Partners rate the process of finding a job as painful & long
20 %
of all Expat Partners are working during their time abroad
33 %
of all Expat Assignments are failing due to family issues

What Readers say

Thank you Katharina for this great workbook. I‘m very sure it will be a great inspiration for Expats around the world! So if you are currently on the move to start a new Expat/-companion life this is a MUST read for you. You will find fantastic Expat Interviews along with great advices and the opportunity for your own reflection."

Monique Menesi

This workbook looks awesome! You did a great job. Very informative and interesting to read. It will be helpful for the future expats."

Anna Fadeeva-Feigenbaum

I can't believe how comprehensive it is! You have done an incredible job and have created a resource that expat partners are in need of!"

Dana Nicole

In October 2016, I became an expat wife, moving to California to support my husband's career aspirations. The majority of expat partners are unable to work. For the last 22 months I make up part of that statistic. Thankfully, I have enjoyed rewarding volunteer opportunities, and the academic challenge of an MBA.  It was a massive honor to be interviewed by Katharina von Knobloch, and share my journey with her. Her website, share the love - a guide for the modern Expats, and her coaching guide, is littered with stories of inspirational woman, taking bold decisions to support their life partner, and in the process reengineer their lifestyle, and career. Very inspiring and incredibly helpful and authentic workbook !!! Lisa Ives

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This workbook is an amazing resource for expat women. It has helped me to define my professional goals abroad and offers a lot of helpful different tools and inspiration for the job hunt! Jimena Duran

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Moving abroad can be a true life changer for the entire family and having someone like Katharina on your side, who is a clear expert in her field, certainly helps to navigate through times of uncertainty. I actively engaged with Katharina already before my relocation, which has helped me become aware of some of the potential ups and downs before the change kicks in. I found the workbook especially useful and read it as a preparation and even an inspiration on how to best use my time abroad. Simone Podcorny

Quitting your job and joining your partner abroad does not need to end your professional career. Learn what options you have and how to define what you really want during your time abroad. Make it to your own personal journey and get the most out of it!