About me

Hi, I am Kate

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Why this blog and what I am writing about

The motivation behind share the Love

The vision of Share the Love is to empower and support the millions of Expat Women out there who have been brave enough to quit their job and joint their partner on his adventure abroad. Being an Expat Wife myself I guide you through this adventure with all the information and the support you might need.

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What you can expect

Share the Love is a platform where we can share our experiences of this intense time of living & working abroad. No matter your personality, there will be a time where it will be highly helpful for you to put your thoughts, worries & challenges into perspective.

Share the Love will help you to navigate through the journey of planning, moving and actually living in another cultural surrounding. It also stresses what it means to be the Expat partner and how to manage this new role.

Why only Expat Women ?

I have spoken to so many women who went abroad and they all had the same ups and downs. No matter how extroverted, experienced and brave these women are - they all face the same problems like me. Since then, I was inspired to create a platform which stresses the issues of women going abroad as an Expat Wife. Although there are few male Expat partners out there (hopefully even more in the future) it felt naturally to raise my voice as a woman to other women in my position. ‚Äč

Thanks for sharing the Love and stopping by!