expat partner, coaching, about me
expat partner, coaching, about me

The Trigger

Working abroad was not new to me. However it was the experience of being the "dependent" Expat Partner which made me realize how hard it can be to rejoin the job market - especially in a foreign country.

In the time of endless applications and rejections I noticed how my self-esteem and confidence in my skills reached a low point. At the same time I came across a figure that made me angry and triggered : Only 1 out of 4 Expats transferred by a company is female and only 20% of the female Expat Partners are working during the time abroad.

I realized I am not the only one struggling and that there is a massive need to support each other to reach our goals as a job is more than a salary - it's about growing and be of value.

the vision

Share-the-Love aims to empower and support the millions of Women worldwide who have been brave enough to exit the job market and try to re-enter abroad or after a time spent abroad and/or with their family.
Just think about the huge potential of these millions of women worldwide. With raising independence, emancipation and portable career options, empowerment is within our reach. I aim to change the worldwide stigma of the label "Expat Wife" / "Trailing Spouse" / "Stay-at-home-mum" and shed light on the missed potential.

''I wished someone had came to me at the very beginning telling me all I know now. I want to be that person to you."

about me

As a certified coach I support women around the globe through my 1:1 coachings, mastermind classes of ambitious mothers, and career workbooks. 

Originally from Germany, I have worked and lived in Spain, the UK, Taiwan, and most recently Chicago in the United States. I love to connect to people around the globe and I am a firm believer that there is beauty in diversity and always more than 1 possible solution to a problem. Living abroad taught me to embrace rather than reject and to be curious rather than numbed. 

With a Master Degree in International Management and Entrepreneurship and a corporate background in Marketing and Business Development I know how it feels to quit a career and reinvent myself. As a mother and expat partner I have seen that there is still an alarming inequality between men and women so I have devoted my work in empowering and strengthening the backbone of our society: Women like you and me. 

Get in touch

I love to hear from you! Let me know what brought you here, tell me your story or let me know how I can help you or how we can work together!