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For global minds, female entrepreneurs and international adventurers

Tuesdays with morrie

Mitch Albom

A book full of wisdom! It let’s you reflect on your life and current mindset and questions your status quo. A valuable reminder for what is really important in life. Something we just too easily forget in our daily life.  

Lean in

Sheryl Sandberg

A book like a bible for women who are struggling with competing in the male domination in business world. I am amazed by all the little examples of her own life which show you that you are not alone. Vital tips and tricks to emancipate yourself. 

The Expat partner's survival guide

clara wiggins

This book was my starter kit for moving abroad and I wished I discovered it earlier. Hands-on advice from an Expat Expert. It comes with the feeling: Ok, I am not alone. Everyone is feeling the same. Very supportive and comforting. 

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