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It is important that we are a great match and I want to make sure that all questions are answered before we start working on your documents. 

To make that happen I offer free discovery calls where you can ask all questions and I will share more about me and my coaching approach. There are no strings attached! 

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The CV Lab is a place for you to work on your application documents with the help of an expert. In live sessions we discuss your situation and worries and in between sessions you will improve your documents with the help of my email or video feedbacks. In the end you have compelling documents that you are proud to send out to the world!

Included in the price are: 2 live sessions where we discuss your unique situation and I will share isights on modern techniques of writing your CV and creating a compelling LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, 3 feedback loops are included that will give you enough space for you to work on your CV and LinkedIn profile. So far, clients never needed an additional feedback loop as I provide a great briefing 🙂 Moreover you will get access to a a shared google drive with modern CV templates to use and helpful checklists!

I offer several ways to secure your spot. If you have no other questions and are ready to start you can go ahead and book a free spot in my calendar for our first session together. If there are further questions and you prefer to talk about them first you can book a free 15 minutes discovery call here

I will send the invoice of the total amount of EUR 240 only after our first real session together!

We will meet via zoom and use all the great functions the platforms offers us. We also all have access to a shared google drive for further exchange and resources.

For any job market on this world. CVs are much more universal than you might think. I had clients from all of the world and finding out the technicalities of the specific geographic region was never the issue. The struggle is to formulate a convincing piece of paper. That’s what this program is for but of course we will cover the format requirements of the country you are aiming for within the sessions. 

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