I want to end the vicious social media cycle: Another type of digital detox

I want to end the vicious social media cycle: Another type of digital detox

A couple of days ago I found myself in the endless circle of checking my Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, google analytics and then back to Instagram. And in no time, the day was over and I did not manage anything on my todo list.  At the same time, I felt restless, tired and exhausted. How can that be? I decided it can’t be like that from now on.

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Social media overload: give me back my life

Social media is taking up more and more times in our lives. I follow so many nice people and love to watch their Instagram stories. However, it is not only time consuming for me. I also started to wonder how many hours of the day these people are spending with holding a camera in front of things, their kids and themselves.

We kind of develop this mentality of “it does not really happen” unless we took a photo of it and shared it on social media.

I don’t want to live through my mobile phone and I don’t want to have this phone in my hand so often anymore. It is almost like a muscular reflect right now. Sometimes I open Instagram without noticing how I got there. I wanted to check my Mails but at the same time my body reflects take over and just push the Instagram app. Of course, it’s more fun to peek into the life of others than replying to your business Mails. I get it. However, I just don’t want it to become such a big thing in my life.

Attention span like a 3-year old

While I increased my time spent on social media, my time reading a book or just starring out of the window for some time has drastically decreased. 


My attention span is short as never before. I started to do so many things simultaneously and it’s getting harder and harder to just focus on one single task and finish something first (even when its boring) before starting with something else. 

Realization is the first step to react

I guess the first step to react is realizing what is happening at the moment. This is the phase I am in right now. I know that I want to change it and work on it. Even while writing this post, I have to push myself not to react to the Whats app message from my friend which just came in. Wait, is it ok that I let her wait for a couple of minutes? Of course, it is! However, this is now a thought in my head and it will buck me until I replied to her and get back to writing this article. This can happen now several times and suddenly the day is over and I could not finish this post nor was I paying enough attention to my friend. 

Push the delete button

I will delete facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google Analytics for that time. I know me too well: I have to delete the apps from my phone during that time frame.  Otherwise, my fingers will just click on them and without realizing what I am doing I am back in the vicious circle of social media. 


The only app I will keep during that time is WhatsApp as I want to let my family now that I am well and share some pictures. 


I am looking forward to this experience but I am also a little bit afraid. Who knows, perhaps I will finally read a book again in the evening! I will let you know when I am back on:-)

What about you? What are your thoughts on that topic? Are you also checking your social media channels all the time? Or do you have more self-control than me? Would love to learn from your routine and experience. Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love. 

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