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Traveling is an essential part to explore the world and open your mind. As Expats we have the possibility to not only travel the world but truly experience different cultures which will shape the way we view the world.  As traveling and experiencing new places is a huge passion of mine I decided to make my experiences sharable and started to write down all my recommendations. Enjoy this little gallery of destinations. Also check out my section about traveling alone. This was one of my more recent experiences during my expatriation and it was so important to me that I really need to share my learnings and give you some guidance for traveling alone even when you are having a family. Follow me on Instagram to enjoy more travel pictures. 

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All the gear you need for your backpacking adventure

If you are new to backpacking all the potential gear to buy can be a bit overwhelming. I did my own research before starting my first solo travel. Most items have been really helpful, some are not to miss and others are an unnecessary luxury. In this blog post, I will give you an overview of the key essential items for a convenient experience when traveling alone or with friends and family. I would definitely take all these items with me on my next adventure!

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5 things to know before moving to Chicago

Almost one year ago we packed our stuff and moved to Chicago. It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by when you have fun.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Chicago. Many of them are true and some of them are totally exaggerated. In the following, I tell you 5 things you should know when thinking about moving to Chicago.

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Easy to reach with the blue line, the Logan Square neighborhood is home to a diverse population including Latinos, Poles, and African-Americans. While housing prices in nearby Wicker Park are rising more and more artists moved to Logan Square shaping it to an increasingly hip area.

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