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Welcome to Share the Love A guiding website made by an Expat partner
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The Trigger

Moving abroad for work is getting really popular. Especially being transferred by a company to a project for a specific amount of time is a common way of working abroad. According to current estimates, there are over 8 Million company transferred Expats worldwide. Still only 1 out of 4 is female. The majority of women living abroad are Expat Partners who joined their husband on this adventure abroad. Finding work for Expat Partners is not easy. Only 20% have been able to find work.

The vision

Share the Love aims to empower and support the millions of Expat Women worldwide who have been brave enough to quit their job and joint their partner on his adventure abroad.

Just think about the huge potential of these millions of women worldwide. With raising independence, emancipation and portable career options the empowerment of the Expat Partner is within our reach.

I aim to change the worldwide stigma of the label "Expat Wife" / "Trailing Spouse" and shed light on the missed potential.

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Who am I?

I am Kate and I am the person behind Share the Love.
I am German, 30 sth, living in the US with stops in Spain, UK, and Taiwan on the way. I love to travel the world and learn something new every day. I love to view the world through my camera lens and my heart jumps when I see cows. After my International Management studies, I worked several years in the corporate world in various different roles around Marketing, Management, and Business Development.

Now I explore the American culture from my home-base Chicago and get inspired by from other Expats, Locals, Coaches and Expat-preneurs every day What gives me positive energy: To know that my life will never be a straight line, not knowing where I may end up next, my partner in crime for the last 11 years, and art!
I struggle with: Patience & contentment of the status-quo

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The idea behind sharethelove

Moving abroad as an Expat is a rollercoaster of emotions. So many new influences, your brain never stops and your heart is full of new beginnings.

As the Expat PARTNER you also go through the question what to do with your life during this time abroad.

Most of the times you won't be able to pursue your old profession.

You start to question how to identify yourself now. How to introduce yourself to the question "What do you do?"

For most Expat PARTNER this personal transition can be frustrating and lonely.
I have been there and have learned to see the Expatriate not as a burden or challenge but as it is: A bunch of opportunities.
However, I wished someone had came to me at the very beginning telling me all I know not.
I want to be that person to you.

However, I wished someone had came to me at the very beginning telling me all I know not.
I want to be that person to you.

what you will find on

Throughout my experience as an Expat Partner I found that there are some ways to immediately feel great about this new way of life but they all came back to one fact:

You will find the most relief in the fact that you are not alone

Therefore you will find honest blog posts on this website, honest reflections on my experience and honest words on the ups and downs. No whitewashing for the sake of Instagram or reputation. 

Life & work guides

I gather all my learnings and knowledge in guides for free download. They are based on my own experience, social studies, academic findings and my learnings through the interaction with other successful Expat Partners and Expat Coaches worldwide. 

The guides are covering topics around personal development, job seeking and useful tips and tricks along the way. 

Stay tunes for some more guides to come in the near future. If you don’t want to miss out sign-up for my newsletter. 

Travel & Lifestyle

As a travel enthusiast, I share my best recommendations for the United States and beyond. I love to explore new places whether alone on a low-budget authentic backpack trip or relaxed and adventurous with my husband. 

I give you insights to the American culture and places to visit. As I am Chicago based you will find some recommendations for this amazing city on this blog and much more. 

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Personal thoughts

Dive into my Monday column where I process my current thoughts and ideas.

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Expat Struggle

Learn more about cultural shock, adopting to a new job market and establishing a network.

Career Planning

Work on your career abroad and find your professional identity. Learn to apply globally.

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Travel Inspiration

Pursue your travel dreams and get motivated to explore the world. Deep dive into solo travel.

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