Expat Partner Onboarding Journey – Coaching

The Onboarding Journey

Join the Expat PArtner onboarding journey and get all the information you need for a successful life abroad.

expat partner, onboarding, expat, expatriatio, global talent management

The Onboarding Journey

Moving abroad challenges you in several different aspects. In this coaching package, we explore the necessary toolset, your personal challenges and define your mission statement for this expat adventure. 

Topics covered

We will cover these 5 topics throughout your expat journey. Ideally we will address the first chapter before you are moving abroad but this is not a must. 

Onboarding package includes:

price $ 470

Click purchase now to download the first two chapter immediately. I will get in touch with you to time our first coaching session via the mail you enter for purchase. For questions please contact info@sharethelove.blog

expat partner, onboarding, expat, expatriatio, global talent management, mindset

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