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It’s time for some positive vibes in your inbox: If you are new to the role of being an Expat Wife, the new culture and potential lack of work can be a bit overwhelming. I know what I am talking about. Being an Expat Wife myself, in my early 30s, without kids and no work at the beginning I can speak from my experience.Most of the days, living abroad in a new culture is amazing and really rewarding. But somedays, especially when there is another setback with authorities or work, it is helpful to be reminded of the good things.

Weekly planner

Get some structure to your week and plan your networking event, nerve-racking but important administrative stuff about moving abroad and all other todos. 

Expat Blues Help

Download my 7 proven tips & tricks to overcome the Expat Partner blues when you feel isolated and have no idea what to do next.


Motivation chart

Create your personal reminder on why you went abroad and your current perspective on how your life could look like. Great tool to get back to after some time. 

the value exercise

Check back on what is really important to you in order to decide on where to focus your professional direction abroad. 



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