Living abroad

The Adventure of living abroad

Moving abroad always involves some kind of culture shock. No matter if your are moving to a country with the same language or your moved for the 5th times: moving always involves giving up our well-known safe space and start the wonderful journey to something unknown. Find all the blog posts I have written on the topic of moving and living abroad connected to other cultures and lifestyles. If you are living abroad and want to share you life with us please feel free to send me an email to to be featured. 

Hello New Culture

All about coping with culture shock, gaining a global mindset and living abroad without judgment. 

Relationships & Friends

Dealing with missing friends back home, getting out to connect with new people and the special struggle for expat relationships. 

German & US Culture

My observations of a German living in the US. Everything from going to the doctor and learning the “how do you do” dance. 

Identity Struggle

Living abroad can stress you on a very personal level if you paused your career or find yourself in a new role within your family. 

Dive right in

Where are you coming from?

Recently, I discovered something amusing about the way Americans introduce themselves to me.
When talking with Americans, I often hear them saying “Oh, I am also German/Italian/Dutch…”
Read my latest Monday Thoughts.

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Too stupid to order ice cream in the US?

When you move abroad it is often the smaller things in daily life that remind you that you are living outside your known culture. One occasion this week has been ordering ice-cream. The bewildered faces of both, the ice-cream seller and me, would have been ready for stage 🙂 So why is ordering icecream so tricky in the US?

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Where is home?

Being in three different countries over the last couple of days I got inspired by the question of “Where is home”. Here is my point of view on this topic and I would love to learn more about your opinion.

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Going to the gynecologist in the US (compared to Germany)

When you are moving abroad it’s funny how many small things in daily life start to become a big event. For me visiting the gynecologist was one of these moments. In this article, I describe a little bit of my routine visit last week to give you some insights on how different our cultures are in these daily life situations. For my male readership: I know that’s TMI, but if you are curious keep on reading 🙂

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