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The new approach to expat partner support

How to secure a successful expat assignment

1/3 of expat assignments fail due to family issues. Dual-career couples are the new norm and modern companies improve their Expat Partner Packages to stay attractive for young potentials and secure project success abroad. The struggle of Expat Partners to find a job and stay confident abroad is real. Most Partners fail to find fulfilling work while still most companies rely on outsourced service providers that don’t meet the needs of young, ambitious women. 

It was great to meet Katharina for the coaching session today. It helped me a lot clarifying different questions I had. I wish every expat spouse would have the opportunity for such a coaching. I also recommend her workbook which I used the last weeks very much. It really helped me to get a clear understanding of what it means to go abroad, beeing an expat spouse, make yourself ready for the new job market etc. I strongly recommend to send Katharins's workbook to other spouses prior to their move. I am very happy that I was lucky to find her services myself and I would like to thank Katharina for her great job! Claudia Schwegmann

The expat partner in numbers

Learn about the demographics, education, and professional background of Expat Partners living abroad. 

Global Mobility trends

Are you aware of the top trends within the global mobility industry?

Expert interview: Strengthening the Expat Partner

Answering some key questions about relocating spouses and why they need to be better managed and supported by employers.

A cooperation with Internations. 

Products & Services

Instant resources

Show your employees that you are aware of the potential career conflict of the respective partner and equip them right away with the right toolset to develop a new professional identity abroad. 

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Remote coaching

I am coaching Expat Partners around the world with my 5-phases Onboarding Package covering all essential parts of moving abroad: Cultural Shock, Family & Friends, Work, Partnership. 

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Onboarding in Chicago

Located in Chicago, Sharethelove helps new Expats to feel at home in no time. With guided cultural city tours we cover everything from where to shop for groceries to the best restaurants and places in town.

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Katharina von Knobloch

COach | Expat Specialist | author


2018 - Present

Expat Transition Coach

Coaching women worldwide and helping making the expat experience as smooth as possible. Coachings are in person or over the phone. In addition I offer several services and resource products in the field of portable career development and professional identity definition. 

2015 - 2017

Management Consultant

Advised top management regarding potential new business models and M&A targets. Developed business plans leading to concrete joint venture negotiations with business opportunities 
valued at $5M+. Conducted strategic deep-dive market analysis to assess future investment potential. Consulted e-commerce businesses within the portfolio and changed marketing approaches 

2011 - 2015

Teamleader Account Management

Successfully expanded client relationships beyond average customer life-cycle. Designed media plans for all vital marketing channels such as search, mail, display, affiliate. Launched new instruments to increase customer satisfaction, leading to improved customer retention.

About Me

With a background in Digital Marketing & Consulting I started my career as an Expat Transition Coach after my personal experience as the Expat Partner in that field. Expatriation can be a blessing or a disaster.It is my goal to turn expatriation in an eye-opening and empowering experience for Expat Partner worldwide.  



International Coach Academy (PCC Level)


Intercultural Communication
Shanghai University


MSc International Management & Entrepreneurship