Expat Statistics: How many are we?

Expat statistics: How many are we?

Interested in some Expat Statistics?

Recently I started wondering how many Expats and Expat Wives are currently living abroad. After some research I found a couple of surveys from different years and conducted by surveying major companies worldwide. The surveys from different years show some minor but very interesting trends – especially in regards to female Expats and Expat partners. I have put together a small Infographic with the key finding. Let me know if you find it interesting.

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Expat statistics: key facts

  • My first insight: Corporate transferees are only 4% of all Expats working and living abroad. While there are over 50 Million Expats, only 8.4 Millionare defined as corporate transferees. This number is expected to grow further.

  • The number of female Expats is rising: While 2012 there were only 20% female Expats sent abroad by companies this figure has risen to 25% in the last couple of years. It is expected to grow further since it is a vital career step to take.

  • Rather obvious fact: Going abroad is mostly a family decision. 70% of all corporate transferees are married or partnered.

  • However most noteworthy: The fear of potential unemployment for the partner is real!

    • 27% of all Expats are leaving their family behind to not risk the professional life of the partner. This is seen as a major trend leading to shorter time periods abroad.

    • Only 20% of all Expat partners/spouses have been working before AND during their time abroad while the majority of 49% was not able/allowed to find a job again.

    • Considering this figure with the total number of male Expats living abroad together with their family, that results in 1.5 Million women who quit their job due to the relocation of their husband.

    • Another interesting fact: The question wether the partner will have a job abroad will get bigger. 33% of the companies questioned see this factor rising in importance.

    • Companies are aware of the fact that the partner plays a crucial role in the decision process of going abroad or not.

  • Last but not least: “Family related issues” is the most common reason for Expat failure and an early return home.

all key expat figures in one graphic

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What do you think about the Expat Statistics? Let me know!

I hope you find this overview helpful.

My two major sources have been the Global Mobility Trends Survey by BGRS from different years and the free summary of Global Expatriates by Finaccord.

Have you found other interesting figures?

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