Expat Struggles

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Expat partners do not only face a cultural challenge.

I want to empower women in a similar position than me. The Expat time offers a huge chance to develop yourself and to grow as a person. It is not a time of dependence but a time of personal fulfillment. ​

Katharina von Knobloch

Katharina von Knobloch

German Expat living in the US. Lived & worked in Germany, UK, Spain & Taiwan. Profound experience in the corporate world as a Marketing & Business Development Manager. On a mission to empower Expat Partners by sharing personal experience & advise on how to live a happy Expat life.

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workbook, expat, expatpartner, expat career

Recent expat Struggle Articles

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Overcoming the cultural barrier

Cultural difference in the work environment and job application process is only one of the many obstacles Expat Partners face. However, it’s a great obstacle to overcome as you work on it straight away.

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Monday thought: Experiencing the worst-case scenario – surgery abroad

Since I am back from Christmas in Germany it was a rollercoaster journey with my health. I went to countless doctor’s appointments…each time assured that everything will be fine and each time I had to go back to just being told that it went worse. You start to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario: Getting surgery in a foreign country with a foreign health system.
In this blog post, I will give insights into how it feels to be that vulnerable abroad and I give some advice from my experience.

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Your Motivation Chart: Why are you doing this?

Manifest your motivation for quitting your job and moving abroad to become an Expat Ever heard about a motivation chart? In this blog post I offer you my advice on how to remind yourself about your motivation when you are living and working abroad.  Download

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Monday Thought: Why do we have to think big?

Why should we think big? Why is a normal job not enough anymore? Or even just to be normal? Average? Happy with the status quo? Why should we educate our children that they not only can become anything they want but at the same time indicating that this has become part of our social expectations on success?

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international womens day

Learn from strong women

Last week I was in the lucky position to attend the International Women’s Day Lightning Talks in Chicago. I was impressed by the panel consisting of strong entrepreneurial women. Those female leaders with a background in tech, culture, social media, and politics have been real role models for the audience. It was great to see that it was an honest and well-reflected approach to strengthen women’s’ mindset. No overuse of buzzwords, female paroles or how unfair everything is but straightforward insights into their daily business life and their advice for the mostly female audience.

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The Expat-preneur: A real deal?

Over the last week, I read a couple of academic papers about expatriation. Many papers are dealing with the effect of expatriation on the relationship and the influence of the Expat Partner on the success of the assignment.
One paper, in particular, caught my attention: “The expat-preneur: conceptualizing a growing international career phenomenon” by M. Vance, Y. McNulty, Y. Paik and J. D’Mello.

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What am I? The struggle of defining myself as an Expat Wife

In this blog post I will explain the emotional journey of an Expat Wife and the deep, mind-changing learning I drew out of that experience. My motivation behind this post and the blog itself is more than ever: Empower women who were bold enough to quit their job and joined their husband on their joint adventure abroad.

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The beauty of the Expat community – the global mind

During the past weeks and months, I had so many nice discussions within the Expat / Living abroad – community and I started to reflect on: Why does each of these conversations be so easy to me? Why do I have so much in common with people I never met before and I am only able to talk to via phone or video chat?

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The Women’s March from an Expat point of view

Last Saturday Chicago was a very vibrant city full of positive energy. The reason for that was the second nation-wide Women’s March. One year ago, when President Trump took over, millions of female protesters went out onto the streets to show how they feel about being ruled by this president.

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Where is home?

Being in three different countries over the last couple of days I got inspired by the question of “Where is home”. Here is my point of view on this topic and I would love to learn more about your opinion.

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