The Women’s March from an Expat point of view

The women's march from an expat point of view

Last Saturday Chicago was a very vibrant city full of positive energy. The reason for that was the second nation-wide Women’s March. One year ago, when President Trump took over, millions of female protesters went out onto the streets to show how they feel about being ruled by this president. 

Back then I was in Germany watching the news. To this moment I still believe that the one positive thing about this shift in values and truth is that we all become more political. The disrespect of our history and values forces us to move outside our own comfort zone to show our discontent and to force change.  This year, the women’s march happened right in front of my window and I decided to grab my camera and join. 

What I experienced was such a positive, peaceful and respectful atmosphere that I could have spent the whole day. Not once was I jostled although there were more than 300,000 women, men and children protesting with colorful banners and loud voices. 

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my personal opinion about female empowerment

Personally, I do not advertise female empowerment but equality. Every day my education and partnership teach me that men can be very supportive and can be very empowering to women. Therefore, I do not want a female future but an equal future where this whole gender debate is not necessary anymore. I don’t want to be treated better – I want to be treated the same. 

Looking back on the progress women made I often start to think that everything is going too slow. Not long ago we have not been allowed to vote, did not have birth control or were able to drive. 

While in the places I live today these things are all taken for granted in the meantime, we still have to fight more for equal payment or respect. 

I personally experienced that men earned a substantial amount more for the same work. It’s not all about your personal negotiation skills but the attitude leaders exploit the fact that the default setting is not equal but pro men. 

womensmarch, sharethelove, expat wife, womens rights

The expat wife stigma takes you back a century

As an Expat Wife, this inequality is now more obvious to me compared to my corporate life back in Germany. The world around me does not have the same high expectations of me than I do.  While I was struggling in the beginning with defining my new career goals abroad everybody else (including women!) signaled me that there is no need for that as being an Expat Wife is my new role. A new job position was not expected. I am sure the few Expat Husbands out there have a different experience with that. 

Some colleagues and friends told me straight ahead that my new role now should be to become a mother. This would fulfill my true meaning of life. I don’t want to get into that topic right here and right now but it symbolizes the public opinion about my gender role very tangible. 

While this debate has still a long way to go, the Women’s March cheered me up a lot. It was great seeing that not only women but also men and children took part in that event. I believe, that by raising our boys and girls with that open mindset of equality right from the beginning, we can finally change this debate for good. 

womensmarch, sharethelove, expat wife, womens rights

What is your experience and opinion?

What do you think about this whole debate? Are you living in the US and have taken part in the march?

Let me know your thought in the comments below!

Some more pictures I took

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love

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