Tips On How To Build Your Career As A Writer

Tips On How To Build Your Career
As A Writer

Many expats tackle writing in some kind of form throughout their time abroad. Some do journal about their experiences, some start a blog. Others have actually written a book or have contributed in forms of expert interviews. Others are interested in starting a portable career and realized that writing could be one approach (find more information about starting a portable career here). In this guest blog post by Rosetta, I want to introduce you to some of the key mechanisms when starting a career in writing. I hope you find her tips useful to start.

Throughout the annals of time, the art of writing has made its mark all over the world that started a flame that continues to ignite to this day. Generations and generations of aspiring writers have made their dreams come true. Countless literary works have made writing as a sustainable career and continuously inspires many to pursue just that.

As somebody who wants to write for a living, you might be asking: “Where do I begin?” Well luckily for you starting out as a writer is quite accessible through the internet as a medium. Many writers have adapted the “digital-first” approach since the rise of technology. For beginners, here are the tips on how to build your career as a writer.

Build a portfolio

The first tip to build your writing career is, of course, to write. It does not have to be something formal, just whatever comes to your mind or you can write about how you feel. Everything that you have written will now serve as your portfolio. Collate your written work so you have something to show when a client or a recruiter asks for one.

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Get on a digital platform

After building your portfolio, your next step should be going on a digital platform where you can advertise yourself. Whether it be on an online job hiring site or a site that you created yourself. Do not be intimidated to make your own website, explore and follow the right trail and you will not be lost. Also, remember to make changes in your platform to constantly refresh and make it look brand new.

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Promote yourself

Starting your writing career from scratch means you are investing in yourself. Once you have your portfolio all set, it’s time to advertise yourself as a professional. This is why it’s important to have a good portfolio to look credible. Once a potential client, agent, or company sees your work they have to see what you can do, so be sure to market yourself with the best of your abilities.

Also, remember to leverage the experience that you have. Most clients look for experienced writers to write for them.

Become an idea machine

As a writer, it’s only essential that you have ideas in stock. Your ideas are your foundation for your work and your work is the foundation of your career. Read more to refill what is lost or fill what is lacking or to discover new stuff. Keep your mind fed with good thoughts and valuable information to generate a ton of ideas.

In conclusion, the most important to thing in building your writing career is to be consistent. Practice until all these tips that you just read become a habit. Nurture yourself to be the best writer you can be and establish a great career.

About the author

Rosette Monell works as a human resource personnel in a firm in Asia. Aside from her job, she’s also a freelance writer who talks so passionately about public relations, different work ethics, and culture. On her free days, she likes to spend time alone with a good book about career building on one hand and a warm cup of tea on the other.

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