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Expat Partner career support

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If you are an Expat Partner yourself and you moved abroad for your partner’s job you might know the dilemma and what this website is all about: Stressing the importance of Expat Partner support, raising awareness for the dual-career-couple challenge in an international setting, and helping those of us who feel lost along the way of finding a new professional identity abroad. The mission of this website and the resources I am creating are all about empowering those who feel left behind or are looking for new insights on how to get back into the driver’s seat after quitting a fulfilling career.

For that to happen I am not only doing coaching sessions and writing articles on this blog but I have created two very comprehensive resources that will help new expats and their partners to get their grip back.

The aim of my ebooks

My first workbook focuses on the Expat Partner dilemma and highlights essential steps along the way of dealing with cultural shock, being lost, redefining one’s purpose abroad, and the international job hunt. It’s a perfect resource for every partner who is thinking about their own role during expatriation. Take a closer look. 

My second workbook focuses on smart career planning in a global work environment and is not only for expat partners but for everyone who wants to become more competitive for the job hunt. For many of us, going abroad leads to a sudden cut in our linear CVs and some planning and thinking is necessary to find out where your career after a break might lead you. Take a closer look. 

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The feedback shows me that these resources are very valuable to Expat Partners and have helped many to become more confident within their new role abroad. I created these workbooks from the sentiment that something was missing and that I myself was craving for such a supportive resource when I started my very own expat adventure. 

Especially my first workbook is a resource that takes your hand and walks alongside as a friend. It aims to give comfort and perspective and proofs that we are all facing similar challenges and that you will find your unique solution for them.

Meeting the struggling expat partner at the right time

My goal is to get this valuable support to every potential Expat Partner who is about to go abroad or has just recently relocated. In my experience, timing is crucial and it’s good to have an idea of what might happen. Many of you have written me that they would have loved to get this workbook earlier in their expat journey and I agree. While we can’t take away the learning curve away from one another (and should not), we can make it easier. We can share our experiences and create a sense of community and empowerment. Resources like these workbooks can sooth the transition and give inspiration about potential paths to follow.

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I need your help

So my question for you is: How can I get this resource to the companies sending their employees abroad? How to approach the expat partner at the right time?
I know that the Expat community is tremendously resourceful and I am hoping for some insights from your part. If we can get the corporations on board we can start to work on the expat partner career dilemma on a big scale. I saw companies spend huge budgets on half-hearted trainings and resources without even asking the expat partner if this was helpful. What is needed in my mind are resources such as this workbook that guide you through the first months of turmoil showing you how other expats have found solutions and helping you with the most common expat challenges. A resource that is written by one expat to another!

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expat, career planning, expat partner, sharethelove, ebook

So, if you know a Human Resource representative of a company sending employees abroad let me know. Maybe your employer or the employer of your partner needs some improvement of their support services.
I am giving away a limited number of 10 workbooks to those of you interested in sharing this resource with a company.
If you want to get a free copy of one of the workbooks just send me a message to I am thankful for any insight that will help me to shed a more modern and positive light on the Expat Partner and the discussion on how companies can support their employees with the dual-career challenge. We need to change the tone of trailing spouse support by international companies and bring more awareness to the dual-career couple dilemma of the modern age.

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