Monthly Inspiration: September

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Monthly Inspiration: September '18

Monthly Inspiration: September

I am thankfully surrounded by countless powerful, inspirational, and thought provoking people from all around the world. Throughout the week I am coming across so many different sources when doing my research for my work that I decided to create a content form that allows to me to share them on a regular basis. Each month, I will use this short column to share with you my highlights from the weeks before. No matter if it is another blog, a certain article, a podcast, a hard fact, video, picture … you name it. In the sense of Share-the-Love this is a platform to support, inspire, and empower ourselves with our stories and learnings. If you have found something you would like to share just let me know and I will add it to the future monthly inspirations!

The most catching video i came across last month: Visualization of humankind

Dan Mace is a creator I love to follow on YouTube as he is highly creative and I am always impressed on the high level of quality combined with creative twists. In his latest video he coverd the topic HUMANKIND. He gathered video material from all around the world and created this awesome video that will leave you with a feeling of gratitude of living such an international life as we do as Expats. 

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The topic I thought most about last month: The roles we play in life

There was an interesting discussion about how to combine family and work when living abroad and how others have rejoined the work force after spending some time dis-connected from the former career in some Facebook groups I follow. This is a topic which is very heavily discussed amongst my friends in Germany right now but it was also interesting to follow the discussion in an international setting. My learnings from scrolling through all the comments with very diverse life stories: 

– There is no common path but everyone tells a unique story

– Some prefer to go back to work as soon as possible

– Others prefer to stay as home as long the financial setting allows for it

-Some adopt to the local culture often meaning going back to work early – others see the time abroad as the perfect opportunity to stay at home



There have been so many different angles of the stories but most of the times there was one common factor: Almost everyone struggles with being 100% confident and ok with their own life choice and most of them have been confronted by friends, colleagues or strangers who have criticized the personal life choice. In my opinion we are not adding any value in judging other people lives. There is no need to tell a mother who is going back to work after giving birth to a child that she is disloyal to her family. At the same time there is no value in looking down on women staying at home telling them that their career aspirations are ruined and that they are a bad example for emancipation. Let’s stop being tough to one another but create understanding and support for all the different life models that exist! The beauty is: Our lives are long enough for us to play various different roles!


Definitely a topic I am looking to do more research on!

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The podcast that inspired me the most: Goldman Sachs discusses the future of germany & Europe

This podcast is ONE YEAR OLD! In modern times this is already old news. However, I just recently discovered the Goldman Sachs podcast and I loved to listen to this awesome reflection of the political landscape of Germany and its role in the European Union. As a German in the US, I get asked a lot about the current situation and I am always try to give a non-biased view. This podcast is amazing to get some hard facts! 

I use Spotify to listen to my favorite podcasts but you can also follow this link to access it directly from Goldman Sachs: 

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A movie that really triggered me: Germans & Jews

Puhh, what a topic! However, it was so interesting to watch this movie in a German setting in the US! What moved me most was the confidence of the Jews that survived stating that they are feeling so comfortable living in Germany and that they are sure that Germany will never develop such a hate and rejection towards others ever again. The film was shot 2016 and it was shocking for me to see what has changed in only a few years. I hope we are getting back to be a welcoming country and realize that a reaction out of fear is never going somewhere good. If you want to know more about the life of Jews in Germany and the complicated relationship after the war I can highly recommend you this informative but very easy to understand documentary. 

What inspired you recently? Do you have a story or topic to share? Send me a direct message to! I am looking forward to interact!

Thanks for sharing the love and stopping by

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